$4.47m in funding

Port Macquarie Tidal Pool     

Down at Town Beach with the Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack, the Mayor Peta Pinson and members of the Tidal Pool committee.

The community of Port Macquarie have long wanted a tidal pool. Back in 1992, there was a proposal put forward and granted but the tidal pool never went ahead because of a lack of funding.

Today, we have that funding. The Nationals in Coalition can deliver projects such as the tidal pool for $4.47 million.

Together with Peta Pinson, Leslie Williams and Patrick Conaghan, we will definitely do our best to make this happen.

Kathyrn Butler - Port Macquarie Tidal Pool Committee

The tidal pool will be a jewel in the crown for Port Macquarie. It will be a great thing for tourism and a great thing for the people in the area.

The young, elderly and those who aren't confident in the surf will particularly benefit and a tidal pool in Port Macquarie will be an enduring asset for everyone. It is quite likely that the tidal pool will still be serving the community of Port Macquarie and visitors to the region in 100 years.

The Tidal Pool Committee has lobbied hard and now they're getting their just desserts with the funding necessary to make this project a reality.

This community-led initiative will benefit the Port Macquarie-Hastings community both as a resource for everyone to enjoy and as a further incentive for tourists to call on Port Macquarie and support local business and the local economy with their holiday spending

Main picture (from left to right)

Ms Peta Pinson, Mayor - Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Kathryn Butler Port Macquarie Tidal Pool Committee, Michael McCormack Deputy Prime Minister, Pat Conaghan -  Federal Member for Cowper, , Ken Wilson, Josh Rummery