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Flood warnings, rising river levels and bridge and road closures: Macleay

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued an initial minor to moderate flood warning for the Macleay River. All upriver bridges that cross the Macleay River are closed.

The flood relief structures at Belmore River and Kinchela Creek may be opened as the river level at Kempsey Traffic Bridge is approaching the trigger level.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued an initial Minor to Moderate FLOOD WARNING for the Macleay River.
The Bureau of Meteorology has also released a Severe Weather Warning for Intense Rainfall, Possible Life-Threatening Flooding and Gusty Conditions for the Mid North Coast.
For more information:
The following gauge and manual readings are being used to monitor the situation.
Georges Creek – 2.57m at 12.16pm – Steady from 2.54m at 6.46am
Bellbrook – 5.2m at 1pm – Rising from 2.6m at 6.00am
Toorooka – 5.6m at 12.30pm
Turners Flat – 4.99m at 12.16pm – Rising from 4.34m at 8.00am
Sherwood Bridge – 5.08m at 12.16pm – Rising from 4.29m at 9.15am
Kempsey Traffic Bridge – 3.37m at 1.15pm – Rising from 2.65m at 8.30am
Gauges at Smithtown and other downriver locations are not reported here as they are tidal and may provide misleading data.
Alternate river level/rainfall information is available from the Bureau of Meteorology website.
The flood relief structures at Belmore River and Kinchela Creek may be opened.

The Macleay River level at the Kempsey Traffic Bridge is 3.368m as of 1:15pm and is rising towards the minor flood level of 4.5m.
The flood gates on Kinchela Creek, Belmore River, Christmas Creek and Euroka Creek are CLOSED.
Flood relief gates at Kinchela Creek and Belmore River are CLOSED.
The Steuart McIntyre Dam is at 100% capacity.
Council has have enacted our Dam Safety Management Plan and have opened the Fixed Dispersion Cone Valve which regulates a controlled discharge from the dam to prevent damage to the dam infrastructure.
Bridges that cross the Macleay River are progressively being closed as the river level rises in the middle portion of the catchment.
Turners Flat Bridge is CLOSED.
Sherwood Bridge is CLOSED.
Bellbrook Bridge is CLOSED.
Temagog Bridge is CLOSED.
Toorooka Bridge is CLOSED.
Dungay Creek, Moparrabah Road and Dowling’s Falls causeways are CLOSED.
Water is over the road in multiple locations. Council cannot guarantee inspections of all roads that are impacted before conditions change. Kempsey Shire Council is currently focusing efforts on key routes and cannot attend all local and unsealed roads.

Please do not take unnecessary risks and do not drive through flood waters.
If you are in a known flood-prone area, we encourage you to take note of the current conditions and assess if you should implement your flood plan.
Below is the list of current known road closures.
There may be water over or adjacent to other roads – proceed with caution and drive to conditions:
Armidale Road between Raspberry Road and Black Bird Flat is CLOSED.
Belgrave Street, Stuart Street, Forth Street and adjoining routes are now OPEN.
Lighthouse Road at South West Rocks is CLOSED.
The Gladstone Street/Kemp Street Rail Underpass is CLOSED.
Queen Street, South Kempsey is CLOSED.
Wide Street, between Kemp and Sea Street is CLOSED.
Old Aerodrome Road is CLOSED.
Euroka Road is CLOSED.
Collombatti Road is CLOSED.
Saleyards Road is CLOSED.
Theresa Street is CLOSED.
Mines Road is CLOSED.
Maria River Road is CLOSED.
Hickys Creek Road is CLOSED.
Kemp Street between North and Wide Streets is OPEN.
Macleay Valley Way at Sutherlands Lane is OPEN. Traffic control is in place at Sutherlands Lane and only one lane is open.
Smithtown Road is OPEN between Smithtown and Macleay Valley Way, however there is water on and adjacent to the road.
Hat Head Road at Kinchela is OPEN.
Crescent Head Road at Rudders Lagoon is CLOSED. The alternate route via Belmore River Right Bank Road / Loftus Road remains open.
Crescent Head Road is at The Corduroy is OPEN.
Plummers Lane remains OPEN but water remains on and adjacent to the road in sections. Please proceed with caution. This will continue to be
Verges Creek Road is CLOSED.
Second Lane is CLOSED.
It is expected that key routes such as Plummers Lane, Hat Head Road, Crescent Head Road and the Macleay Valley Way will continue to be impacted by this event.
Due to further rain forecasted throughout the coming days, the status of these roads is subject to change, which may happen rapidly.
The most recent images from flood cameras on the Macleay River are available at
The flood monitoring camera at Sherwood Bridge, west of Kempsey, is focused on the bridge deck so residents can see if the bridge is being affected by flooding.
Images are updated every 30 minutes. Please note the time stamp is set to Australian Eastern Standard Time NOT to Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time.
The flood monitoring camera at Kempsey Traffic Bridge is focused on the base of the bridge to assess water levels in town.
Council urges people to consider:
Refraining from driving or walking through flood water
The impact of possible road closures and flood isolation on work, family and educational commitments
Monitoring emergency warnings and severe weather updates on local ABC radio, NSW SES Mid North Coast Facebook Page and Bureau of Meteorology website
If your property is at risk of inundation, please raise moveable items, such as furniture, as high as possible onto benches or tables, placing electrical items on top
If you live in a low-lying area and are advised by an emergency services officer to evacuate, please do so
Securing outside belongings and before leaving; turn off the power, water and take essential medicines and clothes with you
Residents and visitors are urged to remain cautious on the roads for localised impacts and not attempt to drive through floodwaters or cross flooded bridges.
For emergency help in floods and storms, call the NSW State Emergency Service on 132 500.

In life-threatening situations call triple-0 immediately.

Listen to local ABC, the emergency broadcaster, on 95.5 FM or 684 AM
Follow NSW SES on Facebook or
Latest Weather, Warnings, Rainfall and River heights:
Road Closures:
RMS or 132 701 or
Traffic information: